Places of accommodation

– Where and how to live?

Players, leeders, drivers, referees and sometimes also their relatives are accommodated in either Dronninglund or in the neighbouring town, Hjallerup. Only as an exception, and only if the participants explicitly demand so, do we find other places of accommodation as for example in Aalborg.

Ways of being accommodated:

  • There are various places of accommodation:

    • Schools (the most common way to be accommodated).
    • The Dronninglund Cup Camping Site (used especially by family members and friends).
    • Hotels (primarily used by overseas teams).
    • Some prefer other types of accommodation (this mainly includes participants who themselves have managed to find accommodation as for instance club houses, scout huts etc. An increasing number of families, however, chose to combine the trip to Dronninglund Cup with their summer vacation and therefore rent a holiday cottage in the area).

    Dronninglund Cup mainly takes care of accommodation at the schools, the camping site and the hotels. Still, we will also be glad to assist you in finding private accommocation. Please send an E-mail containing your wishes to the Cup and we shall do our best to help.

    We also recommend that you use the links to the various places of accommodation to seek relevant information.

- Most participants are accommodated at schools

The main part of the participants in Dronninglund Cup 2021 will be accommodated at schools in Dronninglund and the surrounding towns, e.g. Hjallerup and Asaa.

Special busses will run between Dronninglund and the various schools from 6.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m.

The busses depart every half hour and are free of charge for all Cup participants.

Dronninglund Cup Camping Site

– If you want to camp

In connection with Dronninglund Cup 2021 we will be setting up a special camping site by Dronninglund School – right next to the handball courts and the sports centre.

Family and friend are allowed to camp here on certain conditions:

  • You have to have close contact to one or more players on one of the participating teams.
  • You have to join the same meal arrangement as the participants.
  • You have to bring your own camping equipment, e.g. tent, caravan etc.
  • Price for the entire week: 135 € per person (10 meals).
  • Price for the entire week: 165 € per person (14 meals).At the camping site you will find an electricical connection (220 volts).

Toilets and bathing facilities are to be found at the sports centre as well as at Dronninglund School. The fee also allows you to use the special Cup busses free of charge. The busses go every 30 minutes between Dronninglund, Hjallerup (where you will also have free use of the swimming bath) and Asaa (where you will find a wonderful beach). Furthermore, you also get tickets to the non-alcoholic Dronninglund Cup Discoteque every night.

Asaa Camping and Cottage Holidays.

If you do not wish to stay at the Dronninglund Cup Camping Site, there are other camping sites in the surrounding country. Being located in the neighbouring town, Asaa Camping and Cottage Holidays is the closest one.

The camping site is very popular among families with young children and it is conveniently located closely to the centre of Asaa as well as to the harbour and the beach. At the camping site you will find wireless internet, large playground, pool and hire water bikes at the campsite’s own lake.

There is also an opportunity to rent a cottage at the camping site.

We recommend that you book in advance.


Vodbindervej 13
DK-9340 Asaa
Phone. +45 98851340
Website: Asaa Camping

Dronninglund Hotel

In the middle of the town you will find the relatively new Dronninglund Hotel with its 72 well-furnished double bedrooms – all with a shower, a toilet, a radio, a TV, a telephone etc. Furthermore, the hotel is also equipped with a swimming pool, a sauna, a solarium, a restaurant and a bar.


Slotsgade 78
DK-9330 Dronninglund
Phone: +45 98 84 15 33
Fax: +45 98 84 50

Dronninglund Castle

At the beautifully restored Dronninglund Castle you will find both a hotel and a conference centre. Below its beautiful arches, the Castle also holds a restaurant. Dronninglund Castle has a large park and is situated right next to Dronninglund Church.


Slotsgade 8
DK-9330 Dronninglund
Phone : +45 98 84 33 00
Fax: +45 98 84 34 13

Hjallerup Inn and Hotel.

In the middle of Hjallerup you will find the newly restored Hjallerup Inn and Hotel with 24 double bedrooms with all modern facilities such as a bath, toilets, TV and a telephone. The hotel also functions as a restaurant.


Søndergade 1
DK-9320 Hjallerup
Phone: +45 98 28 10 11
Fax: +45 98 28 30 10

Nørresundby Idrætscenter.

Nørresundby Sports Center offers the possibility of accommodation. We have 30 rooms, all with shower / toilet, TV, and free WIFI. The center is only 20 min. walk from Aalborg center and has bus service at the center directly to the center of Aalborg. As an overnight guest is offered discounted access to the swimming pool and wellness.

Are you / I interested in booking accommodation, it can be done by mail to or tel. +45 98 17 43 66 .

Other kinds of accommodation:

The main part of the participants in Dronninglund Cup is accomodated at schools in Dronninglund, Asaa and Hjallerup. Some also chose to stay at the camping site, whereas others prefer the hotel.

There is, however, yet another possibility – namely that of finding another kind of accomodation yourself.

In these cases, the participants themselves normally take care of finding somewhere to stay, but speaking from experience we know that it may be difficult to find a different kind of accomodation for one or more teams.

If it is, on the other hand, a matter of finding accomodation for family and friends who wish to combine Dronninglund Cup with a small vacation, there is a number of firms who let out summer cottages in Vendsyssel. We can only offer our help in a few exceptional cases, but we generally refer to hire services that can offer a large number of summer- and holiday cottages in various sizes and price ranges.

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