Dronninglund Cup 2024

Dronninglund Cup is over!

A successful Dronninglund Cup 2024 is now over, and we are busy cleaning up and recovering after some exciting days.

We hope that you – the participants – have enjoyed your stay here in Dronninglund and have all returned safely.

In the near future we – the organizers – will go on vacation but soon after we will begin the planning of Dronninglund Cup 2025 which of course must be as big, but at the same time better and more fun than this year’s Dronninglund Cup.

When everything is set to go, we will update our website – and print and publish our new leaflet.

Hope to see you at the next Dronninglund Cup – from July 6 to 11 2025!


With sporty greetings
Coordinating Group
Dronninglund Cup