The tournament in general

The preliminary matches will be played on Monday and Tuesday. Then all teams will be divided into groups. All teams within a group will eventually meet each other in a match.

The winning team and the runner-up (and possibly third place as well) of every group continue to the A-finals, whereas the other teams go directly to the B-finals.

The A- and B-finals take place on Wednesday and Thursday. Here the teams are once again divided into groups, and every team get to play against all other teams in their group. The winning team from every group moves on to the semi-finals/finals. The semifinals and finals are played on Thursday night and Friday morning as a Cup tournament.

The handling over of prizes will take place Thursday evening, July 11 20234 after each final in Hal 1 (U19-U23).

For the other teams (U11-U17) the handling over of prizes will take place on Friday, July 12 2024, after each final in Hal 1.

The plan for A- and B-finals will be published on the Internet Tuesday night.

There will be a cup and individual prizes to both the winning team and the runner-up in the A-finals as well as to the winners of the B-finals.

The tournament is played according to the regulations of IHF (The International Handball Federation).

However we have these special regulations:

Before the first game of a match, it is very important to fill in and hand in a TEAM CARD to the Tournament Management.

The players are to use the same number on their jersey during the entire tournament.

If the team card has NOT been filled in and handed in to the management in due time, the team runs the risk of losing the match 0-5.

When the first match has been played it will no longer be possible to add new players to the team card.

There must be 18 players on the team card. However, a maximum of 14 players may be used per match.

If a club uses illegal players (too old) – the club has to pay a fine of DKK 1500 /210€ – and the team will be losing all matches 5-0 of the total tournament.

Resin may be used but only by players from U15 upwards.

Football boots may be used on the outdoor courts.

It is not allowed to wear gloves.

In case of a penalty throw, the time will not be automatically stopped

Timeout is not used in the tournament.

The opening rounds are played on Monday and Tuesday. The teams are divided into groups, where all teams play against each other.

However, with the exception of U23. All playing introductory Monday to Wednesday/Thursday and then going to the semi-finals in the A playoffs and group endgame in B.

The winning team and no. 2 (if necessary no. 3) go to the A-final matches. The remaining teams go to the B-Final matches.

When selecting for the A-finals the best team(s) among those that have achieved third place in each group, it will be taken into consideration whether or not the group in question has been made up of an equal amount of teams. If some groups consist of five teams and other groups of only four in the same category, the team which has achieved the lowest score in the groups of five teams will be removed (all points and goals are reset in these matches).

If two teams have an identical number of points after the preliminary matches and in the A- and B-finals, following order of priority will be used to determine which team moves on:

    1. Points in mutual match(es)
    2. Goal difference in mutual match(es)
    3. Most scored goals in mutual match(es)
    4. Best positive goal difference – all matches.
    5. Most scored goals – all matches.
    6. Rematch

Age groups

A player can only play for one team in the same age group. It is allowed to use a player from a younger age group in the age group immediately above.

Category Age group
Boys 11 2013, 2014 and later
Boys 13 2011 and 2012
Boys 15 2009 and 2010
Boys 17 2007 and 2008
Boys 19 2005 and 2006
Boys 23 2001-2004
Girls 11 2013, 2014 and later
Girls 13 2011 and 2012
Girls 15 2009 and 2010
Girls 17 2007 and 2008
Girls 19 2005 and 2006
Girls 23 2001-2004

Max 14 players must be used per match.

Other regulations

A player is only allowed to play for one team in the same age group.

In age groups U11 and U13:
It is allowed for girls to participate in BOTH one boys’ team AND one girls’ team at the same time.
It is permitted to use players in a higher-ranking row at the same time as they are used in the ordinary row.
However, they may only participate in a maximum of two teams during the tournament.

In age groups U15, U17 and U19:
It is permitted to use players in one to two higher ranking rows at the same time as they are used in the ordinary row.
However, they may only participate in a maximum of two teams during the tournament.

If the match ends in a draw after regular playing time in the quarter, semi and finals, the match is extended for 2 x 3 min., then 1 x 5 7-metre throw (5 different players), and eventually 1 x 1 7-metre throw (all players available), until a team wins.

All players must be able to present a valid identification card at the request of the Tournament Management (preferably with a photo, for instance a passport).

Team cards are to be filled in and handed in to the Tournament Management BEFORE the first match. Later changes are not possible.

In case of two teams wearing outfits with the same colours, the last mentioned team is to change jerseys.

The first mentioned team will bring ball and starts the game.

Goalkeepers are allowed to use caps.

Protests must be notified to the referee immediately after the final whistle and before the next match on the pitch has started.

The coach then goes to the tournament management and fills in a written protest together with a protest fee of DKK 400/60€.
If the protest is upheld, the fee will be refunded.

Lightning / thunder:
It is the Tournament Management’s sovereign decision whether the matches must be resumed or settled before time.

Coaches for teams involved and referees should contact the Tournament Management directly for further information. However, our ambition is to complete as many matches as possible.

Ball sizes

Following ball sizes are being used:

B-17, B-19, B-23 Size 3: 58-60 cm – 425-475 grams
G-17, G-19, G-23 Size 2: 54-56 cm – 325-375 grams
B-15, G-15: Size 2: 54-56 cm – 325-375 grams,
B-13, G-13: Size 1: 50-52 cm – 290-330 grams
B-11, G-11: Size 0: 46- 49 cm – 225-300 grams