Visa Regulation

– Citizens outside Scandinavia and most of Europe

In general:

Citizens from Scandinavia and most other European countries do not need a visa.

We highly recommend, however, that citizens in other countries look over the regulations for applying for visa. Click here for an overview of those countries, whose citizens need visa to participate in Dronninglund Cup 2020.

Applying for visa:

An application for visa must be handed in through a Danish diplomatic or consular representation abroad – that is, by an embassy or a consulate general. The application form is handed out at the representation.

On the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can acquire information about Danish representations abroad and about agreements with other representations.

Please note that Denmark does not have representations to deal with visa in all countries. In other countries, Denmark has usually entered into an agreement with a representation from another Schengen-country, which then handles visa applications for Denmark. If neither a Danish representation nor a representation from another Schengen-country to handle visa applications for Denmark exist, the application can be submittet in a country where Denmark is represented.

Dronninglund Cup - Visa Demands:

Firstly, Dronninglund Cup demands that a club whose players need a visa will produce an approval from the National Handball Federation concerning participation in Dronninglund Cup 2021.

Secondly, the club is in advance to have paid both the team- and the individual fees. This is, however, not a demand from Dronninglund Cup, but it simply furthers the consideration of the case.

When these two circumstances are taken care of, the foreign club must send a list of the persons who are to participate in this year’s Dronninglund Cup. The list shall contain the first name, possibly any middle names, last name, date of birth and a passport number.

Then Dronninglund Cup will send an official invitation to the foreign club. This invitation is to be used in connection with the visa application.

Duration of case considerations:

The majority of visa applications will be dealt with and settled by Danish representations abroad. The decision will in that case be made within a few days.

The average duration for the more complicated cases, which are being handled by the Danish Immigration Service, is approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

The case consideration is reckoned to last from the moment the application has been received by the Immigration Service. The duration may vary. Some cases are settled within a short time, while other cases may last longer.

Therefore Dronninglund Cup highly recommends that foreign clubs start applying for visa on the 15th of May 2021 at the very latest.