- Where and how to live?

Players, leeders, drivers, referees and sometimes also their relatives are accommodated in either Dronninglund or in the neighbouring town, that is, Hjallerup. Only as an exception, and only if the participants explicitly demand so, do we find other places of accommodation as for example in Aalborg.

Ways of being accommodated:

    • There are various places of accommodation:

      • Schools (the most common way to be accommodated).
      • The Dronninglund Cup Camping Site (used especially by family members and friends).
      • Hotels (primarily used by overseas teams).
      • Some prefer other types of accommodation (this mainly includes participants who themselves have managed to find accommodation as for instance club houses, scout huts etc. An increasing number of families, however, chose to combine the trip to Dronninglund Cup with their summer vacation and therefore rent a holiday cottage in the area).

      Dronninglund Cup mainly takes care of accommodation at the schools, the camping site and the hotels. Still, we will also be glad to assist you in finding private accommocation. Please send an E-mail containing your wishes to the Cup and we shall do our best to help.

      We also recommend that you use the links to the various places of accommodation to seek relevant information.