First Aid Tent

– If your luck runs out, the help is near

When so many young people are gathered to play approximately 1000 handball matches, some injuries are bound to happen. One player gets blisters on his or her feet, another twists his or her ankle, and a third participant is bleeding from a gash near the eye.

Fortunately, our first aid-people (physiotherapist students, medical students, nurse and doctor) are ready to offer their assistance.

At first, competent first aid is given. If the injury is extensive and requires medical treatment or maybe even a removal to hospital, the first aid-group also takes care of all practical necessities as for instance transport by car or ambulance. Moreover, Dronninglund Cup is also ready to assist with the transport of relatives.

Otherwise, the First Aid Tent is open whenever matches are being played, and the first aid-people are happy to help anyone in need – be it players, leaders, relatives – or even spectators.

Remember to bring the blue EU health insurance certificate or other form of health insurance certificate.