Hjallerup School - Hjallerup Sport Centre

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Hjallerup School

Unlike the places of accomodation in Dronninglund, Agersted and Asaa, which are all well known to the Dronninglund Cup participants, Hjallerup School has only been used as a place of accomodation for the last two years. Hjallerup School is our second largest place of accomodation and it is situated directly across Hjallerup Sports Centre and Swimming Bath. All Cup participants are free to use the swimming bath which is one of the reasons why many chose to stay in Hjallerup.

The town of Hjallerup is about the same size as Dronninglund – that is, about 3.300 inhabitants, and a lively shopping centre is situated not far from the school.

Breakfast will be served every morning in the Sports Centre Cafeteria.

Hjallerup Sports Centre and Swimming Bath.

Hjallerup Sports Centre and Swimming Bath