- Competent and experienced referees

Dronninglund Cup only uses competent and experienced referees from the national tournament. Furthermore, we also have a limited number of foreign referees who, similarly, need to fulfill the above mentioned qualifications.

Referees from the top four series from the national tournaments will be given priority.

Principles for referee employment

Preliminary and intermediate matches:

Boys 12 & Girls 12 Normally only 1 referee, yet two referees may be used if necessary.
Boys & Girls 14-29 2 referees.

Semifinals and finals:

All matches 2 referees.

Indoor matches:

At the indoor matches, besides 2 referees one official will be placed at the timekeeper desk.

Working as referee during Dronninglund Cup 2018

If you wish to work as a referee at Dronninglund Cup 2017, please contact the responsible for the referee management with information regarding how long you have worked as a referee and at what level.

Referee fees etc. – for the entire week

Referees living at home during the Cup will be paid according to the usual regulations.

For other referees, including referees from abroad, the payment will be executed as follows:

  • Free board
  • Free lodgings (Note: You will share a room with a fellow referee)
  • Fee: 275 €

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