Extra Service and Bus Transport

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Dronninglund Cup is able to assist with a number of extra services:

Service Price per person
Mattress 4 € per night
Duvet, pillow, bed linen 7 € per night
Additional overnight accommodation (e.g. longer than for the duration of the Cup) 11 € per day (excl. any meals)
Lunch packet – Saturday 7 €
Additional meal: Breakfast 7 €
Additional meal: Lunch 8 €
Additional meal: Supper 8 €
Lunch – Tuesday to Friday 30 € per person

Bus Transport

We will be happy to arrange transport by bus to Hanstholm, Hirtshals, Frederikshavn and Aalborg and back to special prices.

Please contact Dronninglund Cup Email: info@dronninglundcup.com

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