In general:

Team fee: 165 € /1200 DKK per team. The amount is 195 € /1400 DKK, if you have not selected any kind of accommodation.
The amount is to be paid at the same time as signing up for participation on the 15th of May 2019 at the latest. When the team fee is registered, Dronninglund Cup sends a letter confirming that the team is signed up for participating in Dronninglund Cup 2019. The team fee will not be refunded if the participation is canceled.

Individual fee: Depending on choice of accommodation and number of meals. Has to be paid no later than the 30th of May 2019.

5 x breakfast
5 x supper
5 x breakfast
5 x lunch
5 x supper
Accommodation – SCHOOL 152 €/ 1100 DKK 182 €/ 1320 DKK
Accommodation – CAMPING 131 €/ 950 DKK 161 €/ 1170 DKK

This fee includes not only accommodation and meals but also free entrance at the disco, use of toilet and bathing facilities, free internet access, free transport to one of the finest beaches of Northern Jutland, free transport to as well as free entrance to the Swimming Bath in Hjallerup. The fee also includes special price tickets to Faarup Sommerland. The individual fee will be returned if the participant cancels his or her participation before the 10th of June 2019.

SPECIAL OFFER - accommodation in smaller rooms:

At Dronninglund Efterskole (Dronninglund Continuation School), Dronninglund, a limited number of smaller rooms (1-2 persons) is at our disposal:

Please contact Simon Aagaard, tel. +9884 4477 or +4040 0577.

Price per person 5 x breakfast
5 x dinner
5 x breakfast
4 x lunch
5 x dinner
Accommodation – single room 255 €/ 1900 DKK 285 €/ 2125 DKK
Accommodation – double room 228 €/ 1700 DKK 258 €/ 1925 DKK

Please note: mini fee

For persons not covered by Dronninglund Cup’s accommodation and dining arrangements, a minimum fee of 35 €/ DKK 250 per person will be charged.

This fee also covers discotheque every evening, free toilet and bath facilities, free internet cafe, free transport to and from Østvendsyssel’s finest beach at Aså, free transport to Hjallerup Swimming Pool, where there is also free admission and tickets to Fårup Sommerland at a special price.

How to pay:

The fees can be paid in two ways:

  • Via your own bank
  • By cheque

If you wish to pay via your bank, the amount shall be transferred to:

P. O. Box 162,
DK-9100 Aalborg
Swift: SPNODK22.
Account no. 9190-396-57-06312.
Att. “Dronninglund Cup 2019”.

IBANNR: DK1390603965706312

Please remember to state name of club, nationality and age group!

By cheque

If you wish to pay by cheque (the cheque has to be issued by a bank), please send it to this address:

Dronninglund Cup 2019
Enebærvej 24
DK-9330 Dronninglund

Please remember to state name of club, nationality and age group!

NB! Teams that do not appear or that cancel their participation will be ordered to pay an amount of 210 €. Similarly, their team fee will not be refunded.